What Responsible Recreational Cannabis Use Really Looks Like

Simple steps for staying in control of your cannabis habits.



Photo by Clear Cannabis on Unsplash

Weed is getting more legal, and a lot of us are pretty happy about it — but it is all too easy to take this shift for granted. At a point in time where the legalization of cannabis is still largely up for debate around the world, we all share in the responsibility of showing that weed is a good thing, not a public health crisis. Let’s explore responsible recreational cannabis use and what it really looks like in practice.

Reasonable Limitations

In order to be responsible when using mind-altering substances, limitations should always be a core area of focus. Does this mean that you shouldn’t get high and enjoy the best bowl of cereal of your life on a Saturday morning? Of course not! It means that your cannabis use should be responsible and within reason.

Setting reasonable limitations with weed requires you to take a look at your body’s feedback and your personal habits. It might mean not smoking when you’re still coughing from yesterday’s joint and opting for an edible instead, or it might mean making sure that you’re not getting stoned every single day. Cannabis should benefit your life, not take away from it. Weed might not be addictive in the traditional sense, but we’ve all known a few people who just smoke way too much. Don’t be that person.

Tolerance Breaks

Tolerance breaks are not just a core component of responsible cannabis use — they are also proper etiquette for cannabis lovers. When you consistently smoke or take edibles, you will inevitably build up a tolerance to them. Ultimately, you will find yourself needing more cannabis to achieve the same effects — and that need comes with a huge price tag. Allowing your body to regularly reset with tolerance breaks is really just good form, and it can help you get more out of your cannabis in the long run.

Appropriate Budgeting

Let’s be straight about it — weed is expensive. In Colorado alone, the cannabis tax rate is 15%, and many other states are following suit. It’s easy to spend well over a hundred dollars during a dispensary trip (and that’s before…