The Right Way to Use Cannabis for Your Pets

No, you don’t want to get your dog high — but cannabis can still be good for them.



Photo by okeykat on Unsplash

For years, the world has lamented helicopter parents and their obsession with keeping their children in safe little bubbles — but those parents have nothing on today’s pet parents. Modern pet parents are looking into every ingredient in their pet’s food. We are analyzing every treat, toy, and set of casual wear.

We want our pets to live better lives — and many pet parents believe that cannabis might just be the answer.

Is Cannabis Truly Safe for Your Pets?

Given how much we all care about our pets, it stands to reason that we don’t want to give them anything that will hurt them. In a world where many people are still on the fence about using cannabis themselves, it makes sense that they might wonder if it is truly safe for pets.

The answer is yes — and also no.

Cannabis comes with a broad spectrum of cannabinoids. Though there are estimated to be between 80 and 100 cannabinoids in a standard cannabis plant, each with their own effects, the average person really only knows about two — CBD and THC.