How I Increased My Instagram Content Interactions by 1,634%

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Out of every social media app that I use, Instagram is by far my favorite. Even though I’ve run social media for different clients, I have never put too much effort into my own. While I understand the importance of branding (it is how I make all of my money), sometimes it feels weird to do work that I won’t get paid for immediately.

In recent months, I launched a podcast called Among the Dirt and Trees. I knew that I wanted it to grow and that I needed to connect with my community. My initial Instagram strategy was fairly heavily branded and very inconsistent. Mostly, I just posted about new episodes and general true crime facts.

As I spent more time exploring my community, I realized that my content wasn’t consistent with the accounts in this circle. It was too focused on the topic and not enough on the audience, so I made a change — and it has completely revolutionized how I use Instagram.

The Strategy

My initial content strategy was built exclusively on facts and informational content — and while there is value in that, it wasn’t exactly fun. You can see an example of it here:

The more I looked through the community tags, the more I realized how tight-knit and relatable the groups were, and that gave me an idea. Instead of focusing on being too professional, I decided to cut loose and make content that I thought was fun, like this:

Holy crap, what a difference it made.

Currently, I aim to post at least twice a day. In most cases, I try to keep my posts within the core hours of my community, which I know from the analytics on my page.

My primary content focus is on posting to Twitter, then carrying it over to my Instagram page. This allows me to run two profiles at once, and it suits my style. I’m a writer, so it allows me to leverage my writing abilities — and Instagram followers love Twitter content, funny enough.

Every day, I have fun making simple posts, and in 23 days, I’ve seen my page get a lot more attention — and my community is growing too!

The Outcome

When I decided to try this new strategy, it felt wrong to me at first. I spend so much time making professional content for companies that making overly casual content just doesn’t feel normal to me. Initially, it felt like I was doing my job poorly.

But then, I realized that was the point.

While the kind of content that I’m making and this approach to content creation aren’t what would work for a professional business, it is perfect for my community. I used the same techniques to research and define my strategy that I would for a client, but my audience just happens to be a lot of fun, and that is a type of brand too.

By mixing together my professional experience with my inner fangirl, I’ve found an easy and comfortable way to make content and grow my account at the same time.

The Instagram Boost

So far, in the last 30 days, I have seen the following increases:

  • A 927% increase in Accounts Reached
  • A 1,635% increase in Content Interactions
  • A 20.1% increase in Total Followers

I’m excited to see these changes, but what I love even more is to look at the statistics from week to week. The 30-day numbers are huge because they reflect a complete change in how I approach my content — and I started with the bare minimum — but even week-to-week, I am seeing consistent growth and increases, which bodes well for the future.

The Podcast Boost

Though I love seeing my Instagram numbers grow, those aren’t the only numbers that are getting a boost. My podcast stats have also received a huge increase since I started actively using Instagram, and they are starting to pick up traction very quickly.

During the twenty-four days that I have been using this approach, I’ve received over 3,000 new episode downloads. In the last four days alone, I have received over 600 of those downloads — and I think that my Instagram family is playing a huge role in this.

Even though my podcast has been growing over the last few months, the rate with which my downloads are now increasing is notable. Instagram likely isn’t responsible for all of this, but it seems like it is definitely helping things along.

The Takeaway

I’m not going to tell you that following my approach will get you thousands upon thousands of followers (my page is barely up to 256 followers right now), and I’m fairly new to this fun and casual kind of content style myself. But, I do think that this has been an interesting case study that will without a doubt shape how I use social media both personally and professionally.

For me, consistency and meme culture have offered a winning strategy and I look forward to seeing how this will grow with time.

The best part is that I have also connected with so many other people in my niche who are amazing, fun, and making great content of their own!

Full-time Writer, Content Creator, and Host of the Among the Dirt and Trees Podcast.

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