Are 1906 Bliss Drops Worth the Hype?

1906 New Highs makes microdose edibles to suit every need — find out what happens when you take a Bliss Drop.

8 min readJun 27, 2022


Photo by Rob Warner on Unsplash

1906 New Highs is a revolutionary brand of edibles that is poised to take on Big Pharma one drop (or chocolate) at a time. With a distinct focus on providing botanical solutions for all of life’s precious moments — the good and the bad — these drops are powered by Lexaria Bioscience.

With a current lineup of six unique drops, each with their own vibrant and distinct experiences, they are gaining quite a bit of attention from press giants and indie bloggers alike. Let’s take a look inside the first drop in their lineup — Bliss Drops.

Author Note: I am in no way affiliated with 1906 New Highs, and this 1906 Bliss Drops review is based on research and personal experience.

What Are 1906 Drops?

1906 Drops are microdose edibles that blend the power of cannabinoids with other incredible botanicals to provide completely unique and surprisingly controlled experiences. Their low-dose formulas provide a 1:1 balance of CBD to THC (with exception to Chill Drops, which offer a 5:1 ratio) for a smooth plant-powered experience that no other edibles seem to offer.

Currently, they offer six drops in total — Bliss, Go, Genius, Love, Chill, and Midnight. These drops, which are faintly reminiscent of Snow White’s Seven Dwarves, are each designed to offer situational experiences.

Bliss Drops are meant to provide joy, positivity, and social support. Go Drops are made to give you a huge energy boost. Genius Drops, which were designed from the creator’s interest in finding an alternative to Adderall, are all about focus and work. Love is for adult stuff. Chill is to help you relax. And, Midnight — well, Midnight will make you fall asleep faster than a cursed spindle.

Your Guide to Bliss Drops

Bliss Drops are designed to offer a single and effective dose of happiness. Pairing THC and CBD with theobromine, which increases blood flow and lowers blood pressure, these drops provide a full physical and mental experience.