5 Ways to Help People Not Hate You for Smoking Weed

You love weed, but not everyone does — find out how to be a more considerate cannabis user.



Photo by Jeff W on Unsplash

Cannabis enthusiasts tend to be a really passionate bunch. How can we not be? Cannabinoids are always filling us with all of those good vibes, we can chill out, and we never have to worry about hangovers.

It’s easy to want to sing the praises of cannabis to anyone who will listen, but it is important to remember that not everyone loves cannabis like we do. Use these steps to be a more considerate cannabis user and avoid being a walking stoner trope.

Don’t Smoke in Public Spaces

Smoking in public places is something that tobacco users have been criticized for throughout the years, and while we might think weed smells better, not everyone does. Not only is smoking or vaping cannabis in public completely illegal in most places, but it can also be a huge nuisance to those around you.

Be courteous when smoking in public spaces or even private spaces where other people might be impacted, like your yard. Those who don’t love cannabis only dislike it more when someone’s smoking a bowl during their family barbecue.

Keep Your Cannabis Products Safe and Secure

Being a responsible cannabis user is something that every single adult user needs to actively commit to. A huge part of this is being completely in control of your cannabis stash and knowing the risks that it poses to those around you.

We’ve all seen the Instagram videos of pets being rushed to the vet because they accidentally consumed cannabis. Do not be this person. Your cannabis products should be safe and secure, which means they should not be able to be accessed by children, pets, or anyone else who should not have access to them. Use a safe, a vault, or even a security system with an app to keep your cannagoodies safe — you won’t be sorry.

Don’t Pressure Non-Users

There is nothing more obnoxious than the person who just can’t seem to stop trying to pressure those around them into enjoying something despite their obvious disinterest. It’s annoying…